Amethyst Healing Properties

Commonly associated with its counterpart birth month of February and the Zodiac signs Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, the amethyst isn’t just absolutely beautiful to look at but it is also a great source of healing for a variety of ailments in the body, mind, and spirit. Today we are going to take a deeper look into the amethyst and its wondrous healing properties. So if you are suffering from ailments, read on and discover the healing abilities of the amethyst gemstone!

With its range of deep purple to soft pale lavender colors, the semi-precious amethyst has been a source of inspiration for a variety of civilizations for over thousands of years, whether it be in their art, spiritual and religious practices, and other uses. The amethyst is associated as well with the third eye and the crown chakra. In Ancient Greece, the amethyst was believed that drinking from a vessel that was either made out of or inlaid with amethyst prevented intoxication! This is likely due to the belief that the color of the Amethyst tracing its roots from the wine-red tears of the god of festivities and wine, Dionysus.

Small wonder then that it has become a popular choice for jewelry and home decor, but these beautiful gemstones also serve a deeper purpose. On top of being an amazing tool for those who practice meditation, it is also capable of healing and grounding a person!

But first, let’s talk about what amethyst exactly is. A member of the quartz family, this purple gemstone is commonly found in the crust of our planet, occurring naturally in volcanic rock. It is unique in that every amethyst stone’s hues of purple or violet are never the same! This also means that it can be host to a variety of spiritual properties when tapped into.

To add to this, the amethyst is capable of transmuting negative, offensive energy into love and protection from all kinds of harm, such as bad intent from others.

If we were to talk about emotional and mental health, the amethyst is also very beneficial in giving one balance in the emotions, a calm mind, courage, and good decision-making. It has the property of being a natural “tranquilizer” of sorts and is able to dissipate stress, tension, and strain as well as address irritability, mood swings, fear, anxiety, insomnia, and other ill humors. It also helps alleviate deep sadness, grief, and enhances the psychic abilities of individuals through cleansing and activating spiritual awareness and intuition.

It is also a great option for helping promote sobriety as it has a sobering effect, making it useful for a variety of addictions. Amethyst gemstones also speed up the body’s ability to self-heal so it is great for dealing with bruising, swelling, and other types of injuries.

In South Korea, it is believed that the amethyst is able to also get rid of headaches and promote blood circulation. There, one would prescribe keeping amethyst crystals close to their beds as they sleep if they suffer from insomnia. Now with regards to pain relief and the inhibition of bacterial growth, the amethyst is actually believed to be quite beneficial with handling how we process pain because it takes in and radiates far-infrared radiation.

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