Crystals and Reiki

While not all sessions make use of them, crystals can in fact actually enhance the effects of Reiki healing. They can add an extra boost or layer of healing to your Reiki session thanks to their individual benefits and uniqueness. Combined with Reiki healing, crystals are an excellent way to get rid of any mental, spiritual, or emotional blocks in your system. Think of it as using nitrous systems in a race. This is why a good number of Reiki practitioners choose to incorporate crystals into their practice!

But how exactly does using crystals add to Reiki healing? Well, crystals act as a sort of conduit for healing energies. They draw in the Reiki energy, amplify its effects, and sort of “laser” focus them on the root problem to heal them.  

Here are a few of the most commonly used crystals and stones used in Reiki healings:

  • Amethyst – Opens and keeps the crown and third eye chakras in balance
  • Rose Quartz – Keeps the heart chakra supported 
  • Sodalite – Keeps the throat chakra supported
  • Carnelian – Balances the sacral chakra

In a healing session, your Reiki practitioner will first address the root of your problems and identify the chakras that need help, healing, support, and balancing. They will then select the healing crystals that will work best, ones that target the specific chakras. Sometimes, Reiki clients will be able to hand pick the crystals that they find themselves drawn to. It’s a very intuitive process. 

They cleanse the crystal in order to turn it into a Reiki stone. Once that is done, your Reiki practitioner will then place the crystal on or around the body parts where your chakras are located, laying their hands over the crystals to channel Reiki. If clients chose the crystals themselves, they will typically be asked to hold the crystals instead. The crystals can also be placed below the chair or table the client is sitting or laying on. 

The way they are placed or their layout is also up to the discretion of the Reiki practitioner. Sometimes, they are arranged in a straight line over the chakras or main energy centers. They can also be placed so that they encircle the person, either in a round or another shape.  

It is essential for Reiki practitioners to cleanse the Reiki crystals and stones at the conclusion of each session in an act of love and care so that they can reciprocate and work better. A good, cleansed crystal will emit its innate healing energy and magnify your Reiki healing energies better than one that isn’t. 

If you are a certified Reiki practitioner who would like to introduce crystals into your sessions, it is actually more simple than you might think! Simply hold the chosen crystal in your palm and activate Reiki. Hone in on your healing intention and communicate this to your crystal. Finally, allow the energy to flow between your palm and through the crystal. This can take from about five to fifteen minutes.


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