Debunking Myths About Reiki

Because of its holistic nature as an energy-focused practice (in that it’s not something you can necessarily see) Reiki may cause some to hesitate regarding how effective it is as a healing practice. Many people simply do not know enough about what it is, leading to skepticism.

As such, it’s no surprise then that there have been some myths about Reiki making the rounds as early as its popularization in the West. Today, we’re going to dive into these misconceptions and myths about Reiki healing and uncover the truths behind Reiki as a practice.

Reiki has no scientific backing

This seems to be the most predominant myth about Reiki out there. A lot of people think that Reiki is a “kooky new-age practice” when in reality, Reiki has science to back it up. Even though there have been a wide variety of modifications and interpretations since its spread to the west in the early 80’s, Reiki has studies to prove its effectiveness in reducing and managing pain and stress as well as boosting recovery from surgery and immune functions. These studies are readily available online.

Reiki is a pure-age practice

Again, people seem to believe that Reiki is purely new-age when in reality “prana” and “chi” have been in Asia for thousands of years. Asian medicine peoples or shamans used an early iteration of Reiki to heal ailments before medical doctors and hospitals ever came into existence. In fact, Ayurvedic Medicine, which utilizes energy points and channels, still exists today.

It only works because of the Placebo Effect

This myth stems from people who are hesitant to believe in medical practices that don’t come from the west. Reiki healing is way more than simply “thinking positive and applying that to healing,” it clears up and maintains the paths that run between your energy, body, and mind in a way that western medicine simply can’t.

Reiki is inaccessible.

No, Reiki does not involve magic of any sort nor is it a “gift” that only a chosen few are able to employ and share. Reiki energy is open to literally everyone and anything because energy exists in everyone. Anyone who is willing can avail of training to become Reiki practitioners. In fact, a lot of Reiki practitioners are licensed doctors, nurses, and massage therapists!

You can only heal others with Reiki

Did you know that you can use Reiki healing to help yourself? While it’s always better to turn to a Reiki practitioner for a deeper cleansing, you can in fact employ energy healing through breathing patterns, mediation, yoga, and visualizing intentions to clear your mind of negative thoughts. 

Reiki effects take forever to be felt

This is simply not true! Many people who work with Reiki practitioners report instantly feeling calm (and even fall asleep!) during a Reiki session. The effect can be likened to an amazing massage. The benefits of Reiki healing also extend past one session and helps people with their wellness in the long term.

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