Digital Reiki

For first-time readers, let us first delve into what Reiki exactly is! Perhaps simply put, Reiki healing is a form of holistic healing that involves the transfer of energy from a practitioner to a recipient. It is based on the belief that a life force energy – known as “ki” – flows through all living things. During a Reiki session, the practitioner will place their hands lightly on or just above the body, transferring healing energy to the recipient. Reiki is believed to improve physical and emotional health, reduce stress, and promote relaxation- there is plenty of research to back these benefits up. What’s more, it is an accessible alternative to more traditional forms of healing and therapy due to it being more affordable and readily available. 

And one of the amazing benefits of Reiki is that it can be done remotely or digitally. This makes it even more accessible than it already is: not just from a price standpoint but from a distance and space standpoint as well. Digital Reiki is a type of distant healing that uses the same healing principles as traditional Reiki, but the practitioner does not need to be physically present with the client. 

Instead, the Reiki practitioner can send Reiki energy through digital technology, such as Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or other teleconferencing platforms. Digital Reiki works in the same way as traditional Reiki, with the practitioner channeling healing energy from the universe into the client. The practitioner may use symbols, mantras, crystals, or other tools to direct the energy. The practitioner also works with the client’s intention, helping to create a healing space that is right for them. And no worries: it is every bit as effective as in-person Reiki!

Digital Reiki offers many benefits: it is perfect for when your usual Reiki practitioner is away or you are away, to save time for busy individuals, for those who might be uncomfortable with the close proximity involved in typical Reiki sessions, for individuals who are disabled, to simply to save the costs of fare and travel, or just because you might have found a Reiki practitioner you know you’ll trust but they live far away. It is also ideal for those living in countries where Reiki might not be so readily available or widely practiced.  

For Reiki practitioners, it also has its own benefits: Reiki practitioners can reach out to a larger number of people, including those who are unable to travel or have limited mobility. It also allows them to offer their services without the potential risks of transmission of infectious diseases on top of enabling them to do their practice more quickly and efficiently, as it eliminates the need to travel or set up an office space. 

Digital Reiki is an innovative and effective way to access the healing power of Reiki from the comfort of one’s home. It has quickly become a popular alternative to traditional in-person Reiki sessions and is an excellent tool for those who want to explore Reiki as a way to improve their overall mental and physical health without the inconveniences and costs of in-person Reiki. With its ability to reach clients worldwide, digital Reiki is an exciting new modality that is here to stay.

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