How to Protect Your Energy

The world is a hectic, chaotic place and all of this activity and the endless sources of stress can leave a negative effect on your energy, which you don’t have an endless supply of, of course. According to research, every one of us has a limited supply of mental energy. You can feel like the time you have for yourself is scarce due to your responsibility to a job, school, relationships with friends and family, attending to bills, and other matters. 

So whether you get your energy from other folks or enjoy social gatherings infrequently, you may be asking how to safeguard your energy. Even if you’re in the best physical shape of your life, you’ll feel awful if you are being mentally and spiritually depleted. This is especially true for the more sensitive individuals, such as empaths. 

Protecting your energy goes beyond simply rejecting negative energy and embracing only positive energy. It involves protecting yourself from energetic deprivation. 

Here are some tips that can help you protect your energy:

1. Learn to listen to yourself

First, listen to your body. When you start to feel empty or depleted, it’s an indication that you need to recharge your energy. And this is also a sign that you need to take steps to protect your energy so the feeling of being completely drained or exhausted happens less often, if at all.  We are not machines; we are people. Nobody can work nonstop at everything in life. 

2. Establish firm boundaries

Make sure your boundaries are understood by both you and other individuals. This one can be difficult and awkward. When you’re no longer constantly available to them, your friends and family can become upset with you. But don’t worry too much about it: they will eventually come around, understand your needs to protect your energy, and respect the boundaries you set for yourself. Saying “no” gently but firmly is a skill that is handy for anyone to have. At first, it could seem odd, but as you experiment more you’ll find strategies that work and still feel genuine to you.

3. Look for your happy place

When it comes to protecting your energy, visualization of a place you adore, where you feel comfortable and at ease, is a powerful tool to employ. It doesn’t matter what that place is. Maybe it’s your bedroom from when you were a teen surrounded by your favorite things. Maybe it’s at your favorite beach, where you can smell the salt in the air and be lulled to a sense of safety by the sound of the weaves.  Your battery will be greatly recharged if you sit quietly for a full minute with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, and picturing that place in as much sensory detail as you can.

4. Bring a tourmaline crystal everywhere with you

If you are able to find one, I highly suggest keeping a tourmaline crystal close. Tourmaline is particularly helpful since it is linked to the root chakra, which is all about keeping you grounded and is known for defending against negative energy.

5. Be grateful

Instead of thinking about what you already have, it is far simpler to concentrate on what you want. You are not a bad person for that; it’s just how we are wired. You can also try this simple practice every time you wake up in the morning: think of three or five people or things you are grateful for. If you are thinking of people, send them a silent well-wish before starting your day. Instead of dwelling on the negative, you can actively create positive energy by practicing gratitude.

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