Lion’s Gate Portal

August 8 is not just any ordinary day. August 8 is actually host to a pretty extraordinary event in the context of astrology: it is when the Lion’s Gate Portal opens in the sky!

The Lion’s Gate Portal opening up in the sky is in reality an annual event. It is a celestial event that occurs after the start of the rising of the Sirius star and the Sun moves in tandem with the Earth so that they align completely with the Giza pyramids in Egypt. The event is known as Lion’s Gate Portal because it takes place during the Leo season of the sun.

Astrologers believe that August 8 is a good day for manifesting, or focusing on what you wish to become a reality. This is because the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal infuses our bodies with high-frequency energy and enables us to regenerate both our own spiritual energy and Mother Earth’s spirit energy. Think of the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal as a day reserved for the practice of manifestation.

One of the most anticipated cosmic occurrences, it aids individuals in setting goals and realizing dreams. As we travel along this incredibly beautiful path during this time, the universe is urging each of us to reflect on what really matters, what we genuinely want from life, and who we truly want by our sides.

Additionally, the number 8 represents money, luck, and positive energy in numerology. The number 8 is also the symbol for infinity when flipped sideways. It symbolizes abundance, which may have something to do with what you’re manifesting. It represents infinite metamorphosis, karmic cycles, strength, passion, and self-assurance as well.

Let’s talk about Sirius for a bit. One of the brightest stars in the sky, Sirius is also referred to as the Dog Star as well as our Spiritual Sun. In Hinduism, Svana, the king Yudhisthira’s dog, is thought to be Sirius.

The ancients had a strong connection to the star Sirius because they regarded it as the entrance to heaven and the dwelling of beings with higher vibrations. They believed that when Sirius was pronounced in the sky, its energy contained better-evolved wisdom that one can make use of. The fixed star Sirius is thought to possess Jupiter’s expansive characteristics as well as the resolve to accomplish goals that come from Mars.

So what should you be doing when the Lion’s Gate Portal opens this time every year? During this time, the strong and courageous Leo inspires us to act and imbues us with the willpower and courage to do so. Astrologers from all across the world encourage you to write down and speak aloud your goals today. You can start by clearing your thoughts of clutter and establishing new, specific goals.  

We might experience intense intuition at this time. Therefore, use your intuition and discover how to develop your intuitive skills. The best time to delve within and release any karmic or grief-related baggage is right now. The process of healing can be sped up with the use of healing sessions. You can use this high-frequency energy to awaken your energy centers, encourage fresh insights, expand your consciousness, and hone your spiritual abilities. 


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