Moon Phases and Their Meaning

The moon has been sought for guidance and healing since time immemorial. Almost all cultures throughout the world, since their conception in ancient times, have referred to the moon to not only track time and map out traveling routes but to also seek out signs for what actions to take and what events to expect. The moon has been associated with deities, personifying fertility, wisdom, birth, death, and more.

The moon goes through many phases and many rebirths. In that, we are tied to it. Our selves go through the same reincarnations and rebirths with every new phase of the moon, as well. That’s why working with the phases of the moon can be super beneficial to you, especially when you feel lost and confused.

Each phase of the moon has a specific meaning. See below for a quick, handy guide you can refer to!

New Moon

This is when the moon is hidden from the Earth due to its position between the planet and the sun. A new moon means new beginnings. Consider starting with a clean slate and prep accordingly by organizing your thoughts into a plan.

Waxing Crescent Moon

When the moon waxes, its illumination grows stronger but only less than a half of it is illuminated. This is the time for you to set your intentions and hopes out. Let your plans and dreams grow and tap into the moon’s well of forwarding moving power to help you.

First Quarter Moon

The moon is half illuminated. It’s time to really push forward. You might be facing more obstacles and doubts during this phase, but remember that the path of resistance takes you uphill! You’ll experience a surge of strength and will. Commit to a decision and push for action and passion.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

The moon’s illumination grows! Your momentum builds during this phase, so make sure to take the time to refine your plans and actions as you go along. Take the time to step back, observe, and realign with the universe.

Full Moon

The moon is now fully illuminated. This is a time of transformations and the seeds you’ve planted are now ready to be reaped! Let go of anything that is harmful or causes you to stagnate: relationships, thoughts, jobs, etc. Heal, solidify your intentions, and send out positive thoughts into the world.

Waning Gibbous Moon

The moon decreases in illumination and no longer fully illuminated. During this phase, it’s good to be thankful! This is a time of better communication and introspection.

Third Quarter Moon

Half of the moon is illuminated. This phase is known for forgiveness. Continue to rid yourself of bad thoughts, habits, and relationships and cherish the good ones.

Waning Crescent Moon

The moon’s illumination continues to shrink and now less than half is illuminated. This is a time to surrender: lay down your weapons and recuperate. Be kinder to yourself- this phase is nearly done and a new one is approaching. Take time to think and introspect.

New Moon

This is the start of a new cycle and a new beginning! The moon hides from our sights again, and while she does, begin to pull together scattered thoughts and form them into a plan again.


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