Reiki Attunement

I think it is virtually impossible to not hear about the word “attunement” when you have even a passing interest in Reiki and energy healing modalities in general. 

Basically, Reiki attunement is necessary. Even if the universal life energy is accessible to all of us, you’ll still need it if you want to make use of Reiki healing specifically. The very act of it thus can be described as when a Reiki master passes the art of Reiki to their student or students. This is a process that happens in class. 

This Reiki attunement will then allow the Reiki student to tap into what we call the universal Reiki source, enabling them to become something of a vessel that can move Reiki energy for themselves and others. Through it, a student’s energy system is opened up, allowing them also to channel that energy more skillfully. Think of it as a way of expanding the healing energy that is already within you.

In essence, this means that when one gets that attunement to the Reiki energy, one is also initiated into said energy.

You can learn the ‘mechanical’ aspects of Reiki through YouTube videos or reading books but you can never truly move Reiki energy and practice Reiki until you have been attuned. Hence, attunement is an absolute necessity for Reiki practitioners.

So what exactly is involved when a Reiki student undergoes Reiki attunement? It depends on the level of training they are experiencing at a given time. It also depends on the Reiki style of training you are receiving- attunement is sometimes broken into two to four parts, so you might see different intervals depending on the class you attend. It’s almost always guaranteed that you will receive at least one attunement per level, though.

Let’s go over each level and the Reiki attunement associated with them.

For level 1 Reiki training, students became attuned to a set of three symbols. Each of these symbols represents a different element of Reiki energy: distance healing, power, and mental or emotional balance. A student will earn attunement to these symbols four different times and with each repetition, their connection to the symbols deepens.

For the next two levels of Reiki training, the process is quite similar except this time, they make use of different sets of symbols. Each of these symbols plays a different role in the act of opening the pathways of your energies.

Going through an attunement is quite the experience. Before Reiki attunement, students are normally led through meditation or some sort of exercise for relaxation in order to more easily receive said attunement. The Reiki master will then “imprint” the symbols stated above into your aura and chakras. They do this by opening up your palms to better your hands’ sensitivity. Some may choose to incorporate sacred breath work.

But how exactly do you prepare for an attunement? Well, that depends entirely on you and your chosen spiritual practice. Preparing for it involves the opening of an energetic pathway. This isn’t a 100% strict requirement, but a lot of students make the choice to create a reconnection with their spiritual practice prior to their attunement in order to fully receive the benefits of such a transformation.


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