Reiki Candles

Did you know that you can imbue candles with Reiki energy? Yes, that’s correct! Reiki candles are an easy and affordable way to introduce more light into your life, both figuratively and literally.

Candles aren’t just nice to look at, they don’t just uplift spaces, and they aren’t just absolutely beautiful to smell with blends of essential oils, either. You can actually infuse them with Reiki energy and many Reiki practitioners do this as a way to share their gifts with those who need healing but can’t always afford their services. 

Candles that are Reiki-charged are a great way to supplement meditation, massage sessions, and Reiki sessions, as well as a way to invite positive energy into any space. If you have problems with focusing on a certain task or find yourself lacking in energy, a Reiki-charged candle might also help you realign your mind, body, and spirit with your goals.

They help enlighten your journey and make your sacred space an even more potent space full of the light of healing. Reiki practitioners can choose to imbue candles with specific intentions, like Good Health, Friendships, Laughter, and other positive feelings and wishes.  Other Reiki-charged candles do not carry a specific intention, either, and rely on the general healing powers of Reiki to set its healing course.

But you don’t just light a Reiki-charged candle. Making full use of a candle’s Reiki energy involves a very quick process. First, you charge up the candle with the universe’s white energy. Hold the candle in your hands and begin the process of trusting how it will manifest the intentions. Finally, place the Reiki-charged candle on a safe surface or in a candle holder. Give it permission to heal you before lighting the wick. 

That’s it! Your space will now enjoy the imbued Reiki healing energy from your Reiki-charged candle. And another benefit of these candles? They don’t just give healing energy to whoever lit them! They also benefit anything and anyone in the space they are in. This includes pets and plants (which give Reiki the permission to heal them automatically!) And, of course, other people!

From this point on, much like other Reichi-charged items like jewelry, you do not have to energetically cleanse or even physically clean your Reiki-charged candle before each use. Yes, Reiki-charged candles do NOT lose their Reiki charge. How convenient!

But if you want to re-energize it after some uses or want to give it an extra boost, that is very easy as well. Simply put the candle in a place that gets a lot of good sunlight for a few hours. It will soak up the energizing, vitality-giving energy of the sun.

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