Reiki & Child Birth

To say that childbirth is difficult is definitely an understatement, and going into labor can be terrifying, especially for new mothers. It’s no secret to anyone that childbirth is a highly painful, insanely stressful, and emotionally draining experience for any mother. Thankfully, mothers can ease into their childbirth and the following post-partum recovery easier with the healing power of Reiki.

Even before childbirth, mothers can use Reiki to heighten the richness of their pregnancy while smoothing fears, tensions, and other negative emotions and physical sensations. It taps into a mother’s natural birthing wisdom through her energy and helps her prepare for the coming labor with positive affirmations and practiced breathing rhythms.

And as a mother goes through the later months of her pregnancy, starting with perhaps with sixth or so month, she can even deeply benefit from Reiki. By tapping into her chakras and her spirit on top of preparing the body physically by practicing breathing rhythms and meditation, the mother can enjoy a pregnancy that is not just easier on the body but also more enriching and spiritually fulfilling. The last couple of weeks before the expected date, in particular, are very crucial, as your body, spirit, and mental state will need to prepare for the grueling experience that makes up bringing a new life into the world.

For expecting mothers, asking for Reiki healing or practicing it on yourself will give you higher energy levels and a much deeper and richer connection with the little one growing inside of you. It will create an all-encompassing sense of peace, which is especially useful because pregnancy is a turbulent time for your body, mind, and spirit.

Right before labor, a Reiki healer can help the expecting mother feel more relaxed and calm (which is especially vital because hospitals can feel a little impersonal and therefore nerve-wracking) before she goes into childbirth. By doing Reiki on a mother’s body, especially when she is going through contractions, the healing art soothes her soul and prepares her body for the arduous process of labor.

The Reiki motions are typically done over a mother’s womb and are often paired with meditation done by the mother herself. And as contractions become more and more intense, the body’s ancient, innate wisdom and crown chakra activate, releasing a surge of warm and soothing energy throughout the mother’s body.

And Reiki doesn’t just create a sense of peace in the mother, it also affects the baby.

Since there is another body within the mother, Reiki healing will leave a positive and lasting impact on the infant, too, as they receive the healing alongside their mother. A difficulty in the position in the mother might be corrected. They will likely feel happier as they come into this world as well, on top of building an even stronger bond with their mother (which is amazing in itself, as the natural bond is already incredibly strong!)

So when the mother finally gets to hold her newborn child, with the help of Reiki, there is often a sense of complete euphoria and relief.

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