Reiki for Mental Health

The well-known assumption about Reiki is that it is an excellent way to heal one’s body and manage physical pains. And while that is one of its many benefits, it is also just as true that Reiki is also capable of healing a person plagued by troubles of the kind that affect one’s mental health.

So if you or someone you know is experiencing problems with their mental health, then read on and learn about how Reiki could potentially help make things easier!  If you’re new to Reiki and have stumbled upon this post, here is a very quick primer. Reiki is essentially a method that uses a “healing touch” to alleviate a variety of ailments. It’s a type of “holistic biofield energy therapy” that is typically employed by certified Reiki practitioners. 

Reiki has been getting good traction in the West as a holistic means of healing, often used in conjunction with medicine for an all-around way of recuperation. Many Reiki practitioners today offer Reiki services not only as a means of pain management but also as a way to address mental health ailments. Reiki is even being offered in hospitals, hospices, and clinics!

So it’s easy to see why Reiki is a good option for helping manage mental discomfort, like one’s depression, anxiety, stress, tension, trauma, memory loss, and other such mental health issues. Many researchers continue to delve into why Reiki is so effective in alleviating suffering and discomfort.  There is even research to show that Reiki is effective in reducing burnout among community mental health clinicians, with 30 minutes of the healing touch used. There are proven effects with the reduction of anxiety and other mental health ailments.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki serves to help one stay grounded and fully present in the bodies they inhabit, inspiring a sense of mindfulness that is incredibly useful for combating harmful thoughts and stress. When one gets this feeling of clarity from the practice and the positive energy, they find their worries dissipating. How does it do this? Reiki allows us to deeply “listen” to what our bodies and spirits are saying. 

Through this, we can pinpoint the source of our suffering and why our bodies are manifesting symptoms of mental health problems. With the help of Reiki (which is often coupled with talk therapy if you tell your practitioner what it is that ails you) people are guided through their thoughts and are helped with processing them.  

Reiki also goes exceptionally well with the usage of cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as expressive therapies. In using these other types of therapies, people are able to manifest their troubles into a ‘solid’ image in their minds. They are then encouraged to manifest their desire to change the way things are and get a big boost in self-confidence in their control over their lives.

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