Reiki Tips for 2022

Like the year before it, 2022 is already a year of turmoil, unprecedented changes, and more. While it’s amazing to be empathetic about the goings-on in the world around you, you as a person need to look out for yourself, too. Realize that it is okay to step back and recharge before you do great things or make an effort to change the way things are. With that said, here are some Reiki Tips for 2022 you can keep in mind:

1. Keep grounded. 

Thanks to these turbulent times, it has become easier and easier to retreat into your head in order to escape the feelings of chaos closing in on you. It’s fine to do that in moderation but you also have to keep grounded in order to keep functioning and still grow into the best you you can be. It’s vital to expand your lower chakras equally proportionate to the raising of vibrations and opening of higher chakras. 

Balance your sensitivity: you cannot grow and accomplish your purpose without your vitality or health.

2. Be kind.

Being kind and spreading compassion, positivity, and good intentions don’t just feel good for you, it IS good for you! Learning to treat all beings with gentleness and approaching all things with a mindset steeped in compassion will in turn allow you to receive all that positive energy in spades. 

Being kind also means being kind to yourself. Learn to accept your flaws and shortcomings. Celebrate your achievements and take pride in your positive traits. Practicing self-compassion is a must in order to stay spiritually healthy.

3. Focus on breathing and intentions.

Whenever you get caught up with the chaos of the outside world or feel confusion, hopelessness, and anger cresting, learn to take a step back and focus on your breathing. Remind yourself of your intentions. 

Doing these will allow you to recenter yourself, connect with your Reiki energy, and find guidance. Find a good breathing exercise that is easy to do anywhere you may be. Recite your intentions whether internally or externally to set yourself back on the path you are on!

4. Learn to relax

Worries over your family, friends, current events, the past, the future, finances, health, job security, and more can pile up until you feel like you are ready to burst apart. The Reiki principle of “Just for today, do not worry,” might be perfect for you if you find yourself worrying and being anxious more often than not.

 It’s super easy to start creating imaginary scenarios where things get wrong. And given the state of the world and what we have been through these past two years, I don’t blame you! But remember that worrying will not change what will happen. 

Sure, it can inform you to make safer decisions but ultimately, most things are out of your control. Learn to relax.  Slow yourself down and focus on the now so you don’t miss out on the most amazing things that could be lost to anxiety.


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