Performing Reiki From Afar – Distance Reiki

The common conception about reiki is that it is a ‘contact’ activity in that you need to be face to face, in person, with your Reiki practitioner. In the age of social distancing, isolation, and quarantines brought on by the pandemic, it is no surprise then that some people who are used to (or are interested in!) receiving Reiki healing might be worried they won’t be able to do their sessions. 

This is in fact not true! You CAN receive Reiki healing from a distance, without meeting your Reiki practitioner face-to-face. This practice is called Distance Reiki, also known as Long-Distance Reiki. In essence, Distance Reiki can be summarized into the act of performing Reiki from afar. 

In fact, Reiki practitioners are taught about Distance Reiki during their training. The “distance symbol” is one of three symbols they learn about. Invoked, the distance symbol will give Reiki practitioners the ability to administer Reiki energy healing across long distances. So if you want to receive Reiki healing and enjoy its many benefits, I definitely recommend contacting your Reiki practitioner about Long-Distance Reiki.

Worried about the effectiveness of Long-Distance Reiki? Read on.

Distance Reiki functions on the “Hermetic Law of Similarity,” which is an ancient principle that states that we are all connected, seeing as we are made of energy. This also means we are but little parts of a much larger whole, so we can “link up” our energy fields. What this ultimately entails is that Long-Distance Reiki is every bit as effective as in-person Reiki. So you’ll get all of the wonderful advantages Reiki healing will bring without any of the inconvenience and, more importantly, health risks that come with meeting others face-to-face.

So how does Distance Reiki work, exactly? It kind of operates like a cell phone, which uses radio waves to form connections with other phones! And what’s amazing about it is that you can do it anywhere, any time. 

After sorting out the details with your practitioner, you or whoever you signed up to receive Reiki healing will typically do the session over the phone or perhaps on a video call. Sometimes working with healing crystals, practitioners often use a photo of the person they’re sending the energy to. They may jot their name down on a sheet of paper. While all of this is happening, the Reiki recipient will sit still in a comfortable manner. They can also choose to lie down. You can even do something else entirely, such as drive to work, or do your gardening, or taking a walk. Sessions typically last at least 15 minutes, going as long as discussed or needed. 

The effects of receiving Distance Reiki are the same as receiving in-person Reiki healing. Healing recipients, depending on overall sensitivity, report feeling much calmer, optimistic, and empowered to do amazing things. Their body’s natural healing is boosted, experiencing lessened levels of pain if they have any. Their very sense of well-being is bettered. 

With the weight of the pandemic on top of our many different other worries heavy on our shoulders, I will never stop recommending Reiki healing to virtually anyone. We can all benefit from the healing and sense of ease from even just a quick 15-minute session. 

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