Reiki is not dependant on your beliefs or philosophy


Reiki is not dependant on your beliefs or philosophy. It is a form of healing that has been used widely for thousands of years ago. This knowledge was lost for many years until it was rediscovered a hundred years ago. Reiki uses the life force energy to help release physical, emotional & mental pain or blockages. It is a natural healing system to benefit the whole body. It is a simple, safe yet powerful process which has no side effects. There is no physical examination, the client lays or sits fully clothed on a couch. Reiki is then channelled into the body by placing the hands on or just above the body.

What do you need?

  • Shift blocks in any area of your life
  • Find your path to a happier more fulfilled existence
  • Enhance your meditation practice
  • Be supported with emotional and physical issues
  • Regain control
  • Change unhelpful and negative patterns
  • Help with addictions
  • Release trauma with ease
  • Improve your work situation
  • Understand and feel better about relationships
  • Deepen your spiritual connection
  • Receive guidance from the Universe for your highest and best way forward


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