Sound Therapy – Gong Baths / Sound baths and their increased popularity.

If you’re really into wellness, then you might have heard of a sound bath. It’s being propped as one of the next big things when it comes to stress relief and meditation. And because of that, sound baths are becoming more and more popular. But first, what exactly is a sound bath?

A sound bath- sometimes referred to as a gong bath or sound meditation– is a form of a meditation class that you take with a number of other people. While you lapse into a meditative state- and while you’re in one all throughout, of course- a sound therapist or the instructor plays ambient music or sounds.

Participants either stick with a seated position or are told to lay down on yoga mats. Instructors and sound therapists often use bronze and quartz crystal singing bowls from Tibet, cymbals, and gongs to truly lully you into a deep, meditative state by way of different frequencies. They use a variety of tools to achieve the ambient sound, including chimes and tuning forks, creating notes that repeat at varying frequencies.

These frequencies “strike at”, vibrate, and resonate throughout your body, helping you ease into that deep meditative state. You are enveloped and submerged in sound and leave feeling clean and refreshed, hence the “sound bath” name. Participants are often recommended to follow their intuition and do what their body tells them to do during a sound bath.

At the end, you are gently pulled back out of your lucid dream-like state and back into reality. Leaving a sound bath session is sure to leave one feeling super rested and relaxed.

While sound baths are newer to the West, it’s been a way to go into deep meditation elsewhere. It even predates the AD year, with indigenous tribes throughout the globe having used sound in order to heal themselves. Tibetans in particular have been making use of sound baths for over 2,000 years, developing the sonic frequency technologies.

And it’s being hyped up as a thorough, truly cleansing way to meditate for a reason, because it’s backed up by science. Yes, sound baths are a legit way to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety according to science. Studies have found that the sound waves produced in sound bath sections leave a positive effect on participants’ human nervous systems, allowing them to decrease their blood pressure. Think of it as a better, more restorative form of traditional meditation.

And in a world that is continually getting more stressful and busy, with information and advertising overload being a common problem for just about everyone, sound baths are a welcome refuge from the business of everything.

That being said, sound baths are good for people who are hesitant to try meditation because their minds are so accustomed to being busy and full of distractions. In a sound bath session, your mind is forced to focus on the ambient sounds.

So if you’re looking for a completely new way to fully restore your state of mind, energy, and relieve yourself of all stress and tension, consider a sound bath!

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