The Skin Benefits of Reiki

Did you know that Reiki can help you radiate from within? Reiki does in fact have skin benefits!

Let’s take a look at the skin and anti-aging benefits of Reiki:

Our skin is bearing the burden of the elements in our environments and it’s literally appearing on our faces. Environmental problems such as pollution aren’t getting better anytime soon. We are experiencing erratic weather fluctuations, food toxins, and more. And this is to say nothing about the effects of chronic stress! Dr. Howard Murad, a professor of dermatology, created the term “cultural stress,” describing it as one of the main causes of people’s premature aging. It’s a sneaky cause, too.  Stress leads to our face muscles tensing. And this in turn creates wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

As such, I don’t blame anyone who might be feeling insecure about their skin. It feels like another thing to add to the list of things to worry about! Because of this, a whole lot of us take skincare issues seriously. In fact, it appears that there has never been more consumer demand for skincare products. But maintaining good skin and eliminating the symptoms of premature aging need more than just using the appropriate skincare products.

Thankfully, there are ways you can heal and improve your skin condition. Reiki is one of those ways, and it is a method that is both accessible and potent. Our problems come from within. And if you don’t address the cause of the issue, no skin care product will be able to benefit you.  And stress must be reduced because it is so harmful to not just our skin but also our hair and nails.

The skin responds to Reiki in an extraordinary way. There are two ways it can rejuvenate your skin. It has an acute effect on the skin’s upper layers and indirectly improves your skin by strengthening your general health. Reiki thoroughly softens the muscles in your face, allowing the tight energy to exit the area. In this, it relieves stress and promotes internal healing, which improves your general well-being. 

Reiki affects the entire body and encourages healing since it operates on the body’s subtle energetic systems. A sensation of calm, tranquility, deeper sleep, a solid sense of being anchored, and reduced depression, anxiety, and stress levels are just some of the instant effects of Reiki. This is why I urge you to establish a regular Reiki practice: it improves your general health, lucidity, and stress levels. All of this leads to better skin. And feeling better will cause a chain effect: you become more inspired to live a clean lifestyle when you’re physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. 

People who receive Reiki treatments become far less likely to touch their skin. They are shocked that Reiki was able to produce such notable outcomes so fast when they find their skin concerns are no longer an issue.

Small wonder that models Miranda Kerr, Amber Anderson, and Jan de Villeneuve are adding energy healing to their beauty routines!


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