Age of Aquarius

I’m sure it doesn’t really need to be said that 2020 was a wild ride. In fact, that’s something of an understatement. This is why with 2021 finally upon us, the majority of us are eager to shed the shackles of 2020 and look towards a brighter, fresher 2021. 

But what you may not know yes that we will indeed be seeing a real shift this 2021, and it’s all thanks to the planets and the Age of Aquarius. This year we will be seeing a shift from the rule of the more rigid Capricorn and the Age of Pisces into the progressive air sign Aquarius. Take how last December 21st, the Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn moved to conjoin in Aquarius. And this coming February, we will be seeing more celestial shifts when a total of seven celestial bodies converge into Aquarius. This is how we’re saying goodbye to the Age of Pisces, which feels like it lasted forever!

These changes likely won’t just affect us on the individual level, as well, but more so on the larger scale, the community, the globe, even. On this larger scale, we will be seeing a lot of growth, flow, progress, innovation, and collaboration. People will learn to value the “we” as well instead of simply the “me.”

Last year was ruled by the Saturnian Capricorn so it is no surprise that we saw so many things challenge (and even overcome) the stability a lot of us have built for ourselves. We experienced this almost overwhelming, ever-present feeling of division between us. But this doesn’t have to be a strictly negative thing. In 2020, we saw human life’s resilience to keep going against these many hurdles. We learned hard lessons and came out of hardships stronger than ever, with a better understanding of the world and human nature. We have Capricorn’s rule to thank in part for that.

But this 2021, we are entering the Age of Aquarius. This year we will be feeling a more progressive change, one where people might come together to put differences aside for the good of the overall community. We could very well see a lot of collaboration and teamwork on top of a stronger humanitarian approach to things. There might be disruptions in the system as people learn to value the greater good over individuality (which doesn’t mean we will discard individuality, simply that we will learn to work together as a unit!) This change has to do with Aquarius’ innate mental energy.

While Aquarius may seem like a detached sign, it does in fact positively affect the greater good of humanity. It’s also worth noting that because Aquarius is a sign that is on the more mental side of how things work, we might be seeing some amazing innovations in the field of science, technology, and medicine. And it couldn’t have come at a better time! Perhaps we’ll be experiencing strides in environmental preservation, too. 

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