Quartz – Meanings, Properties and Healing Powers – How Does It Work?

The clear quartz isn’t just beautiful in its subtlety, in its color that is both vibrant and clear all at once, it is also a wonderful source of healing.

If we were to talk about the amazing quartz through a scientific lens, we would say that it is also known as “crystal quartz,” that it is usually colorless, and that it is silicon dioxide in a natural form. Meaning-wise, we could refer to quartz as the gemstone that signifies a couple’s 10th anniversary together, a nice little way to refer to this milestone. The clear quartz is also the birthstone of the month of April, is associated with all zodiac birth signs, and is associated with all elements on top of the sun.

If we were to refer to the crystal quartz in a spiritual and wellness context, well, the crystal quartz is associated with the crown chakra, for a start. No wonder, too: the crown chakra, which can be found at the crown of the head, represents one’s enlightenment and has to do with perfection, bliss, and purity.

The clear quartz is also very central to healing and it has been so for a very long time, dating back to ancient times. Spiritual leaders from all corners of the globe knew about its healing power and its enduring presence in the world of wellness even today is a testament to that. Ancients even stated that the clear quartz, a gift from Mother Earth is alive and takes a breath every hundred years. How fascinating is that?

It is known as the “master healer” and is thought to be able to amplify and boost a person’s thought power and energy, to say nothing of its ability to strengthen the healing effects of many other crystals due to its purity, its “blank-slate” type nature.

So how does the crystal quartz work to heal, exactly? For one, quartzes collect, stockpile, regulates, and then releases energy. It also serves to draw off negative energy from the spirit and body. In doing this, quartzes are instrumental in ensuring your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual states are balanced, refreshed, and always revitalized. On a physical level, quartzes cleanse and bolster your body’s organs and subtle bodies, ensuring your physical dimension is tethered to that of your spiritual one.

One of the great things about quartz is that they are readily available due to them being the most common crystal in the world. So how do you tap into its healing power? Just as crystal quartz is abundant, there are also many ways to do so! You can carry one around with you through an amulet or a bracelet. You can meditate with it if you want to truly open your mind and heart to a higher guiding power. No matter what, the quartz resonates with your needs and amplifies powers.

That is why if you are feeling down in any of these planes then I highly suggest seeking out quartz as a way to heal yourself at home, or really, anywhere at all!



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