Essential Oils for Chakras

Did you know that essential oils aren’t just useful for making your home and general space more aromatic and welcoming, but they’re also exceptionally useful for balancing the 7 chakras? Big things come in small packages and essential oils are not any different! Let’s take a look at how using essential oils can help you balance your 7 chakras. 

First, a tiny refresher about chakras. Sanskrit for “wheel,” chakras are sites that house concentrations of energy in and radiating from your body. There are seven found mapping out your body: the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. Balanced chakras are synonymous with good energy in not just your spirit but also in your body and emotional functions. So it’s important to keep them tuned and balanced.

Now, essential oils can be very helpful in balancing your chakras when used in tandem with gentle but firm massaging that targets the specific site a chakra is in. Let’s go over the essential oil you can use with each:

1. Root chakra

If you’ve been feeling ungrounded and could use stability and heightened instincts, gently massage your feet to address your root chakra. To awaken it, use nutmeg. To relax an overactive chakra, use vetiver, spikenard, or patchouli. And finally, to keep it smooth, use bergamot.

2. Sacral chakra

For the chakra that impacts your sensuality, endurance, and creativity, use spicy cardamom or sweet pepper seed to wake up a dormant chakra in your lower back. To calm it when it’s a bit too active, try using ylang ylang, lavender, or neroli. And for maintenance, use sandalwood or sweet orange.

3. Solar plexus chakra

Massage the tummy to better your gut instinct, motivation, and sense of self-mastery! To activate it from its dormant state, use juniper berry, black pepper, or eucalyptus. To calm it down, use helichrysum, myrrh, or vetiver. And finally, to maintain, use lemon and grapefruit.

4. Heart chakra

Aim for the breast bone or the middle back area for the heart chakra, which influences your emotions! The best essential oil to activate your heart chakra is a palmarosa, while it’s smart to use sweet marjoram and lavender to calm it down. For maintenance, use geranium.

5. Throat chakra

You can use a good body spray aimed at the neck and chest areas to address the throat chakra, which is synonymous with the way you communicate your truth and clarity. Use lemon or frankincense to wake it up, vanilla or Roman chamomile to quiet it down, and coriander seed to maintain.

6. Third eye chakra

To improve or maintain your sense of awareness and vision, gently massage your third eye chakra, which can be done through the forehead or through gentle inhalation through diffusion. To open this chakra, use rosemary. To stabilize and calm, use German chamomile. And to keep it excellent, use sandalwood or Frankincense.

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