Vibrational Energy

Did you know that as you are right now, you are existing in a field of energy? This is thanks to particles that produce energy– particles that make up the make-up of your body. Thus, you are constantly producing energy simply by existing because these particles are always in motion. Everything in our universe, regardless of whether they are seen or not, is made up of pure energy that exists as a vibrational pattern. This is the Law of Vibration.

And even better: you can influence this energy to enjoy better health!

Like the fluxing of seasons, the kind of vibrations that make us up is a type of rhythm. Inside the very cells of your boy, the molecules constantly vibrate at rates that are characteristic of them, which are also influenced by anxious thoughts, stress, and other kinds of feelings. Researchers have used atomic force microscopes to further inspect this activity and have concluded that these vibrations exist on the nanoscale, which means they are so small, they are tinier than 1/1000th the diameter of a strand of a human hair!

Visualize your brain being a field of energy instead of a wrinkly glob of tissue and nerves in your skull. Every day, your millions of thoughts converge to produce emotions. These emotions then send out vibrational waves, which reach each and every cell in your body. And beyond that, even, spreading into the universal life-force. Each moment we exist, all of our energies are relating to one another. This is the reasoning behind how humans are able to feel the positive or negative energy of a person, even simply by being in close proximity to them. It helps with empathy.

Now let’s delve deeper into how we can use the vibrational energy in us to optimize our health inside and out. It is believed that we can change the speed of the vibrations purely by altering our surroundings, the way we think, and the way we behave. More and more research is coming out to support the idea that your thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on your body.

With this in mind, it is possible that we may be able to change our moods, optimize our physical healths, and achieve our goals by changing our bodies’ vibrations. The idea is that the more positive thoughts and emotions we willfuly experience, the better our health and likelihood of achieving goals and intentions. So the recommendation is to feel, think, and act things with positive intention in order to alter your very own vibration.

A good way to do this is to do rhythmic deep breathing. This realigns your vibrational energy by calming your heart rate and prodding at the parts in your brain that impact your comfort, emotions, and general well-being. Another excellent method is meditation and chanting “om” rhythmically, which produces vibrations that briefly deactivate the amygdala and helps process emotions easier. 

The more stressed we are, the more impertinent it is to keep our vibes positive and high. We have more control over our own vibrations and by extension our bodies than we realize. You are the one thing in life you can control. This is why we ought to elevate these vibrations if we want to experience more joy and better health. 

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