Healing Properties of Howlite

Today we’re going to take a look into the Howlite and its wondrous healing properties! But before we get into how it can help you heal mentally, spiritually, and physically, why don’t we take a moment to first talk about the scientific and the culture behind the amazing Howlite?

From what we can immediately see, we can observe that the Howlite are usually white or cream in color interspersed with darker colored web-like veins, either grey or black. Sometimes, it is colorless altogether. The Howlite is a borate mineral made up of nodules that are irregular and formed with a monoclinic structure and a porous texture, so it typically resembles cauliflower. It is also known as magnesite and can be found in sedimentary rock. 

Culturally, the Howlite is associated with the Zodiac sign of Gemini, the element of Air, and the Number 2 vibration. Many see the Howlite as a chameleon due to the fact that it can be dyed into a variety of colors to resemble other gemstones, like turquoise. It is also typically inexpensive so getting one is easy. No wonder it’s so popular with people who are looking for healing!

With that in mind, let’s go over the Howlite’s wonderful healing properties. 

People believe that the Howlite is able to heighten one’s awareness and boost their patience due to its calming, enhancing properties and perhaps to its association with the purity of snow (it even resembles a snow leopard!) It is able to draw in and absorb negative energy from you and your surroundings, like a sponge. So the Howlite is the mineral to turn to if you are facing problems with anger or stress. If you are dealing with aggressive people, the Howlite’s energy might also calm them down.

And if you are suffering from insomnia, especially if it’s due to too many thoughts from an overactive mind, you can also consider getting a Howlite to help you. 

The Howlite also inspires feelings of kindness and compassion, both towards yourself and towards the world around you. With its softer texture, it serves as an excellent reminder to stay gentle, forgiving, and soft-hearted. This makes it an excellent aid for people who are undergoing a spiritual transformation. Its calming nature also reminds us that change cannot happen overnight.

Furthermore, it brings about inspiration, improves creativity, boosts memory, brings about clarity, and helps one with expressing themselves artistically, making the Howlite perfect for visual artists, writers, dancers, singers, or anyone who needs help with creative problem-solving. On top of that, it encourages a desire for knowledge and ambition and helps with achieving said ambitions and goals. 

You can use a Howlite to aid your meditation (it is associated with the third eye and the crown chakra as well as the ability to peer into our past lives) or employ it as a spiritual ally. Keep it close as you work or place it under your pillow before you sleep in order to harness its powers passively!

Who knew something so accessible can be such a potent healing and inspiring tool? 



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