Tiger’s Eye Gem Stone

Let’s continue with our series about the healing properties of gemstones! For this post, we’re going to take a close look at a beautiful gemstone that is also attributed to a whole host of healing properties: the tiger’s eye.

Long used since ancient times as a protective talisman, the tiger’s eye is one of the members of the Chalcedony family of minerals. It is known for its beautiful silky finish, opaque transparency, and its various shades of brown and black to gold, which often appear on the tiger’s eye in the form of stripes like the coat of its namesake. And much like the feeling the tiger inspires, the tiger’s eye is associated with confidence, personal willpower, and inner strength.

This metamorphic rock is also known as The Shapeshifter, It is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the Sun, the elements of Fire and Earth, and the vibration Number 4. The tiger’s eye gemstone is typically carried as a form of protection against negative forces and ill intentions, such as curses. And on an interior spiritual level, the tiger’s eye gemstone is known for its connection to the root and the sacral chakra. Small wonder then that it holds a wide range of healing and protective properties!

Its association with inner strength makes the tiger’s eye perfect for those who suffer from a lot of anxiety, poor self-image, and self-doubt. Even if you don’t, it’s good to have it on hand for the moments that you do. Its properties remind oneself to draw from their inner strength and to refrain from sabotaging and doubting oneself. It’s a great reminder that all the strength, light, and love that you need to tackle that problem or that self-doubt is already inside- you just need to remember that it’s there! 

It’s also known to ward off that feeling of complacency. It makes you feel bolder and invites you to step out of the box, take that risk, and grow your talents and inner self. To try something new! To take that plunge! This makes it an excellent support stone for beating the fear and anxiety you get from business meetings, exams, competitions, selling, presenting ideas, and public performances. So if you find your willpower and emotional stability becoming shaky– no matter how small or big the cause may be– draw on the tiger’s eye for inspiration and courage!

Spiritually, the tiger’s eye will be able to help people who need some assistance with their lower chakras. In particular, the tiger’s eye gemstone works exceedingly well with one’s root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra. These are also known as the chakras that have to do with strength, safety, and stability. And for those who are blessed with psychic abilities or a third eye, the tiger’s eye acts as a wonderful amplifier.

Like most of the other healing gemstones, you can use the tiger’s eye to help you in many ways. One of the best ways to use it is to wear it as jewelry! This direct contact brings together the bare skin’s vibrations, the energy source, and the healing properties of the tiger’s eye. Bracelets, rings, and pendants are all very popular choices. 

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