Healing Properties of Obsidian

The beautiful obsidian is one of the better-known stones out there. With its sleek black surface, it gives off a feeling of mystery and intrigue. But like most stones, it is also host to a bevy of metaphysical and physical healing properties most might not be privy to! 

First, let’s delve into the scientific side as we always do. The obsidian can be found around the world and is actually a type of naturally-forming volcanic glass, which lends it its lustrous, gorgeous appearance. Obsidian is formed when falsic lava is cooled rapidly, often because it comes into contact with water in a lake or the ocean. We all know obsidian is usually black in color, but did you know that it also comes in shades of gold, green, brown, mahogany, snowflake, and even rainbow? And thanks to its very hard nature, it was often used in ancient times to make dependable tools as well as for ceremonies.

Now let’s move on to the things that are associated with obsidians. First off, the obsidian is often associated with the Zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, as well as the elements of Earth and Fire. It is related to the vibration number of 1. And finally, obsidians are also often associated with the base chakra!

With that introduction to the obsidian, we can now move on to its range of amazing healing properties. You might need to come into contact with obsidian if you feel you are in need of releasing heavier, darker energy from your energy field. And thanks to its grounding, protective, and comforting energy, the obsidian is a good thing to turn to if you are looking for an ally to make you feel safe and keep your mind tuned in on your healing journey! But the wonders of the obsidian go beyond even that!

First, let’s see why obsidian is good for drawing out dark energy. It’s because it is packed with a strong gravitational pull, which lends it its power to pull out insecurities, inner turmoil, and personal demons. It’s excellent for dissolving emotional blockages and long-standing traumas. So as long as you set your intention and are confident and willing to face your inner shadows and traumatic fears, then you will be able to handle this intense but cleansing experience. The obsidian can be your first choice for transforming your inner self in this case because, at the same time, it creates a shield against negativity with its protective nature.

And the enigmatic nature of the obsidian is no accident! This beautiful glass is known to not only suck out mental tension and stress but also stimulate growth across all channels by inspiring a sense of curiosity about the unknown. It opens doors, so to speak, on top of clearing away confusion. 

Obsidian is also known for its physical healing properties. It serves to keep every part of your physical body detoxed by stimulating your circulation and keeping it healthy. This also means that you can turn to the obsidian if you are facing issues with your digestion or the gall bladder. Packed to the brim with good intentions that lift its seemingly dark nature, the obsidian will ensure your heart keeps beating healthily, inspires good health, and boosts deep tissue healing for a life that is always youthful and vibrant.

With all of these amazing healing properties, we aren’t surprised then that some consider obsidian to be far more precious than gold!

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