Lemurians & Lemuria -What Can We Learn About Them Today

Everyone and their mums know about the fabled lost city of Atlantis, that storied place that sunk into the ocean, never to be seen or heard from again. But did you know that there is an entire continent that is considered lost? 

With a history that is complex and lengthy, there is much we still don’t know about the lost continent of Lemuria and the Lemurians who inhabit it. Unlike the sunken city of Atlantis, however, Lemurians willingly went into hiding and away from the prying eyes of normal beings. They essentially mass immigrated underground millions of years in the past and many believe that they currently inhabit Mount Shasta.

Lemurians as an ancient race

But first of all, who were the Lemurians? Lemurians are thought to be an ancient race. Naturally, the first things that come to mind when you say “ancient race” are more primitive versions of us. On the contrary, Lemurians were incredibly advanced and exceptionally intelligent. So much so that they didn’t experience the inequality and prejudice so rampant in our times. 

The Lemurians lived harmonious lives, where everyone was equals and all recognized the importance of Mother Earth. Their continent Lemuria, which is also known as Mu, was essentially Heaven if it was on Earth. But why did the Lemurians flee this paradise and go into seclusion, hidden away from every other being on Earth? It is said that there was a catastrophic cataclysm- usually believed to be a great flood- that basically sunk Lemuria. Much like Atlantis. 


In order to survive, the Lemurians chose to either shift into the shapes of other animals- namely, dolphins, whales, and even merpeople- while others escaped into deep, underground tunnels. Some turned into “stone people” while others chose to go “undercover” and tried to blend into the rest of the population. Those that chose this last option are thought to be the shamans and healers that are known throughout time, spanning all civilizations and cultures. 

Another popular belief is that the majority of Lemurians formed another civilization inside and beneath the aforementioned Mount Shasta, which is a volcano in California.

Lemurian Sightings

Throughout history, there have been numerous reported “sightings” or meetings with the Lemurians from Mount Shasta. For example, in 1904 JC Brown, a British prospector, once said that he discovered a city 11 miles into Mount Shasta. This city is said to be filled with gold and 10-feet-tall mummies. Later in the early 1930s, Guy Ballard claimed to have met Saint Germain on Mount Shasta.

As recent as 2013, geologists discovered traces of a missing continent in the Indian Ocean in the form of granite fragments “along a shelf that extends hundreds of miles south of the country towards Mauritius.” And on Mauritius, they discovered zircon dated 4 billion years old. This is interesting because the island of Mauritius only formed 2 million years ago. 

Now, it is believed that you can actually “feel” and contact these amazing Lemurians via spiritual practices, largely due to the Lemurians’ nature as a highly spiritual race. They also seemingly use crystals as a means of communication and as conduits or messengers to spread their teachings of healing and unity.

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