Simple Natural Ways to Detox

Detox tends to get a bad rep with people outside of the health and wellness sphere. There seems to be a common misconception that a detox involves pain or joylessness in the form of a 12-step-plan with a million shakes and powders that one has to follow religiously. There also seems to be a misconception that your body doesn’t even really need a detox in the first place.

In reality, a detox can be done simply and naturally.

First, why is detoxifying important? A detox is essentially a reboot. Our bodies take on a load of bad things from stress, bad stuff from what we eat, and more. These things, these ‘toxins’, manifest themselves in ways that make us feel all junky: headaches, allergies, brain fog, sore muscles, sluggishness, bloating, menstrual issues, irritated skin, and aching joints are just a few ways of our bodies telling us, “Get a detox!”

And when you get a detox, you enjoy so many benefits. You eliminate food sensitivities, lose weight, and feel better overall.

Thankfully, you can do a detox naturally and simply. Here are five easy and natural ways to detox!

1. Increase your blood flow.

To get your body’s built-in detox systems going, try increasing your blood flow. This can be done with some regular exercise, nothing high-intensity needed! If disabilities or a tight schedule prevents you from getting exercisee, consider also getting a foam roller to roll your muscles on every day. Increasing your blood flow boosts your liver and digestive system’s ability to remove all of those toxins from your bloodstream.

2. Start the day with lemon water.

Lemon water doesn’t just give your body a bit of a wake-up call in the mornings with its zesty flavor, it also helps you detox! This is thanks to the pectin in lemons, which helps with digestion, appetite curbing, and satiety-boosting. Both cold and warm lemon water work.

3. Cut down on the sugar intake.

Yes, this includes sugars found in molasses, artificial sweeteners, and honey! Look instead for healthier snacking alternatives like dark chocolate (just as tasty!) or your favorite fruit, which has better, natural sugars. Consider swapping out sugar in food for cinnamon, as well. This has the added benefit of controlling your blood sugar!

4. Practice hydrotherapy in the shower.

Hydrotherapy is much simpler than it sounds. Simply take a very hot shower for about five minutes, feeling the hot water run down your back to get that blood flowing. Switch to cold water and let that run for 30 seconds. Do this cycle three times and for 30 minutes, get into bed!

5. Fight environmental pollutants.

While it may not seem off to you right now, the air you are currently breathing in is likely packed with pollutants and allergens. To combat this, regularly flush your nasal passages with a Neti Pot. This leads to better breathing and reduced air pollutant side effects. Consider also getting an air purifier for the rooms you most frequent.

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