Life Force Energy – What is it?

Have you ever wondered what keeps your body and spirit going beyond the organic parts and pieces that make up our bodies? Apart from the complex biological systems that are our bodies, HOW do we function on a spiritual level? How do our bodies turn the food we ingest daily into something that both fuels and nourishes us on a day-to-day basis? Well, we owe all of that to our life force energy.

Our selves get to experience the miracle life every day thanks to our innate attunement to the universe. It’s a very beautiful thing. And our bodies’ life force energies- or “Prana” or “qi- provides our brains with a steady stream of cosmic energy and our cells kept charged with life. The scientific community believes that this life energy source is called the “biofield” and they don’t have a shortage of theories as to how it came to exist.

This cosmic energy keeps us not just functioning properly by turning the matter from food, oxygen for breathing, and warming sunshine into living matter, but it also helps us stay connected to the cosmic world at large around us. It keeps us tethered to the rest of existence and vice verse. Without this life force energy, nothing would simply exist!

This prana, qi, biofield, or life force energy turns the food we eat from a simple, solid form into nutrients that power, maintain, and improve the many, many parts of our bodies. It’s how we get to enjoy the benefits of nutrients and vitamins like iron for our blood, protein for our muscles, oxygen for our respiratory system, and many more. Without this life force energy…well, it’s hard to imagine a world without it!

And where does this cosmic energy comes from? Well, it comes from an external source- the universe! And when it all gets to the brain, the ten billion nerve cells found in the brain then redistribute it to the rest of your body. The nervous system, in particular, plays a huge part in this distribution by giving it out to the five senses that help us, well, make sense of the world: smell, hearing, sight, taste, and touch.

Now, as with all things, our bodies also need proper maintenance to ensure that this life force energy distribution is kept going smoothly. Any blockages in our nerves result in less-than-stellar operations, which could then lead to mental, physical, and spiritual ailments, such as lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, poor attention span, depression, and more.

This is why keeping a good posture, good breathing patterns, meditating, and generally practicing mindfulness as often as possible is critical to good health, especially with regards to the spine. It’s very easy to start replenishing or improving the quality of your life force energy: breathe!

Unlock clogged emotions and energy, allow them to course through you naturally. Do not repress emotions. Feel the vitality course through you mindfully when you breathe deeply.

With proper maintenance and consciousness, our life force energy will be allowed to do their thing and keep our bodies strong and constantly improving.

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