Reiki and Animals

Did you know that Reiki isn’t just good for humans, but it also brings a bevy of benefits for our furry, four-legged friends? Yes, Reiki can be practiced on animals!

More and more owners are seeking out Reiki practitioners to heal their pets, especially as a form of supplementary, non-invasive care after a visit to the vet and as they are healing from other ailments. If you are curious about the many benefits Reiki can bring to your furry friend, read on.

While most of the practice is still the same (i.e laying your hands over a being to transmit energy), Animal Reiki and human Reiki are however different. The main distinction between animal and human Reiki is that animals can’t exactly communicate their ailments to us. We have to go by visual clues, like a drooping tail or lethargy. This is why it’s important to understand your pet’s body language before attempting to heal them with Reiki.

Of course, bringing your beloved pet to the vet is the number one thing you should do, but if you want your pet to feel better as they recover after the said vet visit, then I highly suggest looking into Animal Reiki.

Compared to humans, animals are naturally more in touch with their energy. They feel this on an innate level. And as such, they can readily receive the many benefits of Reiki and your compassionate healing!

One benefit of Animal Reiki is that it is an excellent way to manage the stress your pet might be going through. Reiki is known to help immensely with stress, tension, anxiety, and feelings of nervousness- and animals are certainly not an exception! If you’d like your pet to feel calm when they are feeling stressed (most often when you’ve just moved or they are left without your presence for a while) try using Reiki on them. It can also help with a variety of behavioral problems!

Another benefit of Reiki on animals is that is supplements medical treatments. After a visit to the vet, an animal might be in pain even with pain management meds to help them. Using Reiki is highly likely to help your pet cope with the pain they’re in as they recover- consider using Reiki (with your hands at a safe distance, of course) after your pet has undergone a surgery or is recovering from an injury, allergy, pain, strain, or ache.

Another benefit is that it requires no equipment or a special place to do. Reiki can be practiced on your beloved pet in a way that is hands-off, at the vet or at home. And it’s also non-intrusive, allowing your animal to simply relax without the need to disrupt or move them as they recuperate.

If you’re interested in helping your pet- either with mental distress, behavioral problems, post-op care, or healing from any type of injury- then I highly recommend either seeking out a Reiki practitioner or learning to become one yourself. With this many benefits for both you and your pet, Reiki is a must!

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