Solar Flares – Do They Affect Us?

Going on definition alone, solar flares sound undeniably scary. Described as a highly intense “burst” of radiation, solar flares are explosions on the Sun that originate from magnetic energy being released from “twisted” magnetic fields located above sunspots. When they do happen, they often come hand in hand with solar phenomena. 

So yes, the intensity and accompanying phenomena do sound scary but in reality, solar flares are NOT dangerous to those of us who inhabit the surface of our planet! At most, solar flares can cause geomagnetic storms, which could ten leave an impact on our technology. This mainly happens to satellites and power grids but ultimately, no harm comes to humans, animals, and all other life.

But while they don’t SEEMINGLY affect us in a surface-level way, they do in fact leave an impact on our consciousness. 

In the same way that solar flares are able to leave an impact on satellites, electric grids, and even forms of communication like cell phones, they can also possibly affect each and every one of us. This is due to the human body’s ability to produce electric connections that can be found in the brain’s synapses. This is what people also call the “body electric.” 

A sunspot’s coronal mass ejections that send out that energy can then possibly leave an impact on human beings, especially on those of us who are more sensitive. This profound effect can be likened to the way we change as the moon goes through its different phases because our bodies are made up of about 60-75% water, which the moon has a direct impact on.

This means that solar flares will leave the biggest effects on people who are overall intuitive and more sensitive to the energetic field, whether they are aware of it or not. With the stronger solar flares, these people FEEL those Light downloads going into their beings. With these “downloads” from the more powerful solar flares come upgrades of innate electromagnetic fields.

Changes these more sensitive people can expect include a heightened sense of intensity, a strengthened awareness of the outer and inner worlds, as well as a boost in intuition. The solar flare’s energy pulses will also sort of drag out whatever has been trying to hide in your subconscious that does not help with your transformation in progress, bringing with it illumination. 

Those undergoing these changes from strong solar flares may also experience changes in their sleeping patterns. They may either find themselves sleeping less or sleeping more as their soul works overtime to accommodate these new changes. 

The next time a solar flare happens, observe the way you react more closely to determine if you are one of the sensitive individuals who are affected by these solar phenomena. Regardless of whether or not you are on the more sensitive side, it is always wise to drink lots of water and get ample rest since we all carry the ability to produce these electric connections.

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