What is Indian Head Massage?

If you’re into the world of wellness, then there’s a chance you know the following word: Champissage. Champissage, also known as shiroabhyanga or an Indian head massage, is a wonderful practice that traces its roots in, you guessed it, India.

During its conception in India, Champissage/Indian head massages were derived from old Ayurvedic techniques. They started off as a way for families to groom one another. Long, silky locks are a prized asset and a standard of beauty in India, so Indian mothers often massage a spectrum of oils into their daughters’ hair to promote growth. In doing so, they also massaged their daughters’ face, neck, and shoulders.

It was made into a bonafide form of therapy by a blind man named Narendra Metha. Narendra was raised in a community in India that placed a lot of importance on Champissage. He took that valued practice and turned formalized it into the Champissage people know and love today.

It’s been practiced there for over four thousand years- and it’s still going strong! There are plenty of reasons why that is. For one, it hones in on parts of the body that deal with a lot of stress and tension every day: the face, ears, scalp, neck, arms, shoulders, and upper back. What’s more, it’s a holistic form of therapy that does a lot of good not only for your physicality but also for your mind and spirit.

Champissage/Indian head massages are known to leave patients completely relaxed during and after the session. People have reported finding an inner calm and much less stress and emotional tension after these Champissage sessions. They achieve better, more restful sleep, reduced insomnia, sharply lessened back or neck pain, and fewer migraines, headaches and cases of tinnitis and vertigo. And yes, Champissage also promotes hair growth, just like one of its intended effects in India!

But what exactly happens when you go for one? Champissage/Indian head massages are practiced using a time-tested combination of different massage strokes and stimulating acupressure points and the three upper chakras of your body. You will typically find your neck and shoulders probed and massaged to work all the knots out. Next, your scalp is then gently and thoroughly massaged with a variety of motions.

Part of the reason Champissage/Indian head massages are so effective is because the practice stimulates your lymph nodes. In doing so, it essentially detoxifies your body by draining out waste products that accumulate in said lymphatic parts. Furthermore, it improves the flow of blood to and from the neck.

Champissage/Indian head massages are also a wonderful way to relieve sinus pressure! Since your practitioner focuses on the face as well, they gently probe and prod at different facial pressure points that make breathing so much easier. It also stimulates circulation, sharpens your mental clarity, and boosts your alertness! No caffeine involved!

Interested in getting one yourself? You can get a Champissage or Indian head massage from spas and holistic health clinics.

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