How Does the Full Moon Affect Us

The full moon might be beautiful to look at and photograph, but in reality, it affects you more than just being aesthetically pleasing. Small wonder, then, that the moon has played a massive role in folklore, beliefs, and traditions in cultures all around the world.

The full moon doesn’t just affect the tides of the oceans- it also leaves an impact on us with its coming and going. Let’s look into some of the ways the full moon can affect us.

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It heightens our faculties.

The full moon can amplify some of our traits that are either hidden in the shadows or are prominent, pulling both positive potential or negative attributes out into the light. Let’s say a person is emotional by nature. The full moon can intensify these feelings with its pull. But on the flip side, let’s say a person is going through something of a creative block- the full moon would then shed light on their creative potential and help them with bringing their work to life.

The Full Moon affects fertility, births, and menstruation.

It’s not a surprise that the moon has long been attributed to the feminine in countless cultures. Just as the sun is often aligned with more masculine energies, the moon is more feminine. As such, it is believed by many cultures that the moon does leave an impact on a person’s fertility, the likelihood of birth, and menstrual cycles.

It brings energy.

Feeling low or unmotivated? Your luck might turn better with the next full moon, so hold on! It is believed that each new full moon provides us with a boosted sense of energy in many different areas- energy that, of course, manifests itself in different ways with different people. Some people might perform better in sports, others in creative endeavors such as painting, or in more professional matters like speeding towards a promotion.

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It affects the way we sleep.

The full moon might not always bring about positive changes each time it happens. When there is a full moon, our auric fields are brightly illuminated, causing a disruption in our moods and behavior and upping the anxiety or emotional unease. This might be attributed to the full moon’s effects on our sleep because we get less of it during this time.

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It makes us more intuitive.

The full moon is an excellent time to look inwards and reflect. Seize the chance to truly take a good look at your inner life, your relationships with others, and the changes in your life. It tethers you to the world and encourages a cooperative relationship with your surroundings.

Bonus: The full moon brings out the ghosts.

Feeling distressed on a full moon? It might be a ghost. It is said that a whole slew of ghosts, demons, and other negative spirits love taking advantage of the full moon’s gravitational pull to wreak havoc and cause distress. That’s why so many occult rituals take place during the full moon!

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