The Experience of a Reiki Master

Reiki is a form of energy healing that has been practiced as a holistic therapy for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that the healing of physical and emotional ailments can be achieved by channeling the “universal life force energy”, also known as “chi” or “prana”, from a higher source.

A Reiki Master is one who has gone through rigorous training and achieved a high level of mastery in the practice of Reiki, going on to receive Master symbol attunement, which is also known as Third degree Reiki attunement. The Reiki Master then becomes qualified to give Reiki attunement to others. The Third Degree attunement also denotes a deeper and more aware understanding of possibilities both within and without. 

People report feeling like they are “expanding” in terms of spirituality and mental awareness once they become Reiki Masters.

Becoming a Reiki Master involves a great deal of dedication. The process of attaining this level of expertise requires many hours of study, practice and personal development. To become a master, you must complete advanced Reiki courses, receive in-depth instruction and practice, and apply what you’ve learned to your daily life. It is also a journey that is highly personal and unique to the individual. Indeed, many people seek out the title of Reiki Master both to discover themselves, open gates of possibilities, as well as help out others in need, especially those who cannot afford more conventional means of healing the spiritual, mental, and physical selves.

Thus, the experience of a Reiki Master is one of connection with the self and with otheres, deep healing and true empowerment. Reiki masters are able to access and channel the powerful healing energies of Reiki to help their clients. It is a journey of personal growth, as well as a way to help others. Through both the studying of and the practice of Reiki, Reiki masters experience a sort of self-discovery, one where they learn to trust their inner guidance and develop a deeper connection with their own life force energy. The Master energies also feel different: they can be described as being higher vibrational, more full in their ‘volume’, and possess a better quality.

There is a lot of variability in the experiences of Reiki masters, but one basic truth is that Reiki is not about anyone becoming better than anyone else or serving a need to feel superior – it’s about allowing Reiki to work its healing effects on you and on others. In that way it is a very compassionate and serving type of art. Reiki Masters also find much fulfillment in passing on their attunements, knowledge, and healing prowess on to others; for example, their families and friends. 

Each and every attunement is different for each and every individual in this way. You will also find that while Reiki Masters often charge for their services, they do it simply to survive and ensure they have the time and energy to keep healing others and not to make a pretty profit.

I highly recommend giving Reiki a chance; and what better way to learn than to seek out a trained Reiki Master?

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